All the pressures and worries that we suffer from during our twenties aside, there is so much about this era that go all unappreciated. I tried to list up a few here which I am sure would help you all to cherish this time of life (now & then at least).

Starting with;

  • Ability to work against the clock

    We have all been there and done that. No matter 3 hours sleep or 4, we still are make it to work or university next morning and can perform just fine. All that late night parties, slumber parties with friends and not forgetting to mention exam preparations nights just before the exam day. All this because we are blessed with this extra energy, physical strength & ability to be efficient in our twenties, irrespective of many variables.

  • Hard work done now pays off for the rest of life

    A few days back I read an article on summing up the interview session with Bill Gates where he says “I ┬ánever took a day off in my twenties. Not one”. I know that is a tough one now and we do deserve one day a week just to relax and regain energy for rest of the week (unless we want to become someone like Bill Gates of course). But the point is that we DO have the capability to work non stop, to do overtime at work, to get higher education, more diplomas/certificates, to read extra so as to increase our knowledge & information, to save extra while we can (before getting married or having kids and all this results in having options at later age. Options like early retirement, travel world, better financial position etc

  • Can postpone the adulthood (for one last time)

    We still can leave some worries for later if we want to. For After! After 29 maybe?Worries like buying your own house because that takes time for most of us and worries like getting married and having kids because this is our last decade where we can ignore being adults and can be carefree of some particular responsibilities.

  • The bitter-sweet memories of struggle & transformation we make

    Oh those awful job interviews, financial constraints, emotional setbacks and heart-breaks and at the same time making friends for life, finding the ONE, getting a good/better job etc. These memories and their impacts do last life time and transform us into a different person for all our lives.

  • Ability to make quick recovery & to adapt

    Yes, that is because we are surrounded by so many distractions and we are filled with such an enthusiasm and energy which helps us to move on and adapt more promptly.

Therefore we should cherish this valuable decade. After all we get only 10 years to be in our twenties. But I believe we should not be “killing time” more often in our twenties. Instead should be trying to be productive because the time is ripe now for making any improvements.