I believe jealousy is an emotional reaction, a part of behaviour which is why it is very challenging to tackle it . It just ‘happens’ sometimes like a random quick thought, over something so minor maybe that you don’t even realise that you are being jealous. (And Quite often when we are in our twenties Because we still are in the phase of becoming PROPER ADULTS).

For Example:

One can be jealous of someone’s some expensive/unique possession




Family Life

Love life etc

And this feeling is most disastrous of all the other negative ones probably. It leads to anxiety, feeling of discontent & under-accomplished, complexes and causes damage to self confidence and relationships etc.

To be honest few years back I started getting jealous (being a normal human being) and started thinking if I am and someone else is working equally or I am working more on a course/subject at university then how can he/she can be rewarded and appreciated more than me even when everybody can tell I did it great too. Ah well. I just wanted to share how I tackled that because it really helped me pull through it. I till now feel so satisfied with everything I have and believe I just need to work hard and pray for what I don’t .

1.I just switched to this concept of ENVY from jealousy and started thinking that “yes other person has this special thing/blessing, I wish I would too someday”.

2.I started counting my blessings and thinking about them more often which helped me feeling grateful, lucky and blessed all the time.

3.The last but most effective was whenever I felt even a bit of jealous, I started reciting/wishing Masha’Allah ( What Allah willed) and BarakAllahu feek (may Allah Bless you)  because that made me remember always that the person is blessed by God, Who has blessed me too with too much and can bless me with this too.