Hundred of changes hit us when we are in our twenties which is why being in twenties is not easy & has a life lasting effect overall.

==>You get Graduated which leads to you feeling all accomplished yet really sad as well. Even the thought of finishing university gives you mini heart attacks because you know the time has come when you can’t run from responsibilities anymore saying “I have a quiz tomorrow” or “I am tired because it was hectic today at university”. ( because life really has some more important things to throw at us than maintaining our attendance at university above 75%)

==>You lose People, well not actually lose them but you see them less often & friends’ time shrinks to meeting up once a month only. ( and slowly you will find it absolutely normal as we are so flexible to adaptation when in our twenties. Not rigid at all. We move on. We get over heartbreaks. We look forward to improve)

==>You start your first job/internship which is not a very pleasurable experience for many of us. New workplace, new people, new routine, high expectations, less money. (You actually start thinking that you are the only one in this whole wide word who’s getting paid THE LOWEST.)

==>You get married. In many of the Asian countries, yes  you definitely have to get married in your twenties which is the most prominent & life changing “CHANGE”. This change brings along a lot more responsibilities & I don’t need to mention them.

All I can say is HAPPY CHANGING!                                                                                                           Keep changing because change means ‘growth’ & really what a boring life would it be without any change?