Maybe writing was never an addiction to me and that is why I was able to quit on it or used to take it for granted until my teacher few days back said;

“Writing down your thoughts is exactly like vomiting out the undigested food. Just like you desperately need to get rid of that food poisoning your stomach as soon as possible to make room for more healthy food similarly you need to make room for new thoughts/ideas by making them black and white before they get transformed into negative ones and bar the new thoughts”

That is when i finally decided that I will write whatever I would feel like writing. One doesn’t have to be no perfect writer having a extensive deep knowledge about vocabulary and impressive idioms. Writing is not only about showing off hefty way of writing, it can be simple and usual too. Well depends.

In my point of view, anyone who can THINK can write too. So to write differently maybe one have to think differently.