In our twenties, especially early twenties, we are so conscious of our looks, appearance, personality and way of living and dealing others that one day we are confident like hell and the other day our Google search history is full of things like “How to lose weight”, “home remedies for clear/fair skin”, “Latest fashion”, “Best ways to carry yourself” etc

Why be ashamed of it? We are in the era where we want to look and feel The best. Its just the switching over to being confident and not confident. In business we call or measure this switching as a COST.

After thinking for days I have come to the conclusion that to reduce this cost one needs to analyse and decide what are the factors or determinants affecting his/her confidence. We need to  find out what is it that we are sensitive about or we need to improve or update. It may be way of talking, things you carry daily (cellphone, tablet, laptop, bags etc).

For example for some people confidence is dependent on the clothes they wear, the gadgets they use, the way they look etc and there is nothing wrong with it. We all have different perception as this is part of human behaviour. We can maybe set one particular day of a month and  should only evaluate ourselves on that particular day, thoroughly! Then we can focus on ways to improve those particular things that ACTUALLY need improvement rather than thinking whole month; oh I have perfectly fine hair and next day after getting influenced by someone; Nah! I wish I had curly/silky hair. This just wastes our time.

So find your personal determinants of good and healthy confidence and focus on them If you yourself think that you need to because at the end of the  day, what actually matters when it comes to confidence is your own satisfaction level with yourself!