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Being confused for several days or even weeks isn’t Bad but being LOST is!

I have noticed that a person is most confused when in teenage because in your twenties you start getting more adventurous and you just leave it on your luck and let everything happen. Why? Because having no much experience you still are bit confused. Its just now you know that you yourself are responsible for your decisions whereas As a teenager you always had excuses like “I didn’t know”, “I don’t have the resources”, “parents won’t allow”, “what would my friends think of me” which leads to the fear or confusion and ultimately lack of decision making power.

But sometimes parents are the ones making decisions for their kids till they are in their late teen age because of which we kids when enter our twenties, we are still looking at to them to decide for us for many years.

Just for the sake of  example, a month ago I needed to renovate my room and was offered by my parents that I can get it re-painted. THERE! I didn’t even know what colour I wanted.

Me: Gray?

Mom: Too depressing!

Me: Let’s paint one wall Black?

Mom: That’s too dark!

Me: Lime?

Mom:Yes Lime is good. Oh you are too confused!

*But Next day mom brings two cans of Blue paint*

Me: Um Blue is not bad, I actually like it! (To be honest, I tried to convince myself!)

Whereas what I think is my mother should have left me all confused and given me an ultimatum for some days to decide it for me.  Instead of deciding herself, she should have appreciated that i was only confused not LOST. I had my options at least. I didn’t gave up saying choose whatever you like.

We should really stop discouraging confusion because a confused mind is nothing but just well mixed (with stuff it KNOWS). All we need is to stop seeing confusion as a danger because many good and exciting things happen out of confusion like love, invention, idea